Hi. My name is Carlos.

I’m a husband and proud father of two beautiful girls. We have a dog named Zen, a scaredy-cat named Princess Graham Crackers and Shadow Dragon (a betta fish). I’m a die hard dance dad who finds appreciation in vast genres of music, art, nature and sport. I love history and books and thoroughly enjoy making people laugh. I also enjoy helping others, mostly individuals thus far. And I hope to be more widely helpful here, on my personal blog. 

So, what’s this about?

I suffered from a mental breakdown at work after attending forced social responsibility training. I was also fired while in the midst of time-sensitive treatment plan. Who doesn’t love a good NFL scandal? It’s been a life-changing event and I’m here to share what I can from it. My experience at the NFL influenced me personally and is something reference in various blog posts.

Getting back to the mental breakdown… My rehabilitation involved professional help and included participation in a men’s trauma program. I’m personally familiar with symptoms of major depression, PTSD, ADD, and Anxiety and see value in people getting to see personal challenges as something positive.

Can we redefine mental illness into something positive? How? Would a better personal understanding help? Can we turn disability into “this-Ability”?

Welcome to The Positive Spin.

We’re taking life experiences, good and bad, and adding positive spins. That’s the goal, anyway. Life is too short to spend feeling angry, unhappy, resentful and depressed.

Life is an investment.

It hasn’t been easy learning to talk about myself. It feels vulnerable, but I’m getting better at it. Changes in attitude enables productive use of the knowledge, tools and experience gained from this personal commitment to recovery. It also provides a unique opportunity to pay it forward and help others facing challenging circumstances too sensitive or too difficult to see through alone. Not one of us has all the answers to all our questions. Life includes acts of faith; it requires levels of trust to progress.

Welcome to my inner circle.

Here, at The Positive Spin, we share personal stories and initiate conversations about different subjects. We bring light to some personal challenges people face. We also share personal perspectives unique to our own experiences in life.

We hope you or someone you know finds this blog helpful. We encourage feedback, participation and connections. 

You provide strength.

We Are Stronger Together.

What a caterpillar calls the end, the world calls a butterfly.