In The Works: A Bittersweet Taste of NFL Employment

Working with the NFL was a professional journey unlike any other. 

Whether helping Sean Combs (aka Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, etc) and his entourage get through the ticketing gate while supporting Super Bowl XLV, or weathering furloughs and leadership changes alongside some of the most talented and challenging supervisors people have worked for, I enjoyed supporting all aspects of NFL and NFL Club initiatives. Over the years I supported and participated in a variety of NFL community service initiatives, strategic planning and company-wide social responsibility efforts, among other notable activities.

My NFL tenure is filled with an abundance of interesting experiences involving some pretty special people. I appreciate every moment of service to the NFL to no end.

Recent challenges remind me what it took to get there, what it took to stay and what it’s come to mean today. 

When you are looking to join the National Football League in any capacity, your journey will be met with an excitement that comes (mostly) from others who know you work there. 

I had the privilege of serving the National Football League for more than 12 years. Whether I was working to support an NFL club, delivering on strategic initiatives, supporting a memorable game day or Super Bowl, I knew I was aiding the process of engaging millions of fans. 

I was a Senior Enterprise Systems Engineer whose main responsibility was the NFL’s entire enterprise storage infrastructure. In addition, I took it upon myself to get to know my colleagues, support co-workers and encourage positive perspectives among those I came to know personally. I fondly recall helping galvanize development of the NFL’s employee recognition system through an IT department pilot program I dubbed, RecognizeIT. It was a coin-based employee recognition program offering an easy and creative way to acknowledge notable work efforts amongst team members to increase employee morale. The initiative later became known company-wide as the NFL Employee MVP Program. 

As with most accomplishments of integrity, there is a fulfillment that comes from working alongside people of like-minds and character to achieve a common purpose.

There’s no ” I ” in TEAM.
But there is an ” M ” and an ” E “

There is an unmistakable joy that comes with participating and providing personal ideas at the professional level. And it felt great to help signify another aspect to League life, adding to the excitement and success of the NFL’s sports and entertainment experience. Somehow we just know we are better together and teamwork is something I thrive off of.

Leadership attributes and NFL core values guide how the NFL delivers results. Working alongside talented and notable individuals, including a star of the NFL’s Executive Mentoring Program, helped me understand the NFL’s business and operations unlike any other.

I have learned to think bigger.
I’ve been forced to think differently. “

I take pride in sharing personal insight into the NFL’s business beyond the game. As League employees, we are stewards of the game which, in my case, has come with a full share of unwanted and unexpected controversy and spoon-fed NFL propaganda. 

Admittedly, I feel disturbed by what my lasting encounters with key members of the NFL has evolved to represent. Regardless of the memorable and standout moments cherished over my NFL career, reactions to symptoms resulting from an injury I suffered at work lead to a controversial premature end to my NFL employment. I became a fan of what the NFL is represented to be while working there, and trauma from the betrayal and discrimination is ever-present. After what has been said and done it feels, most times, impossible to alter my conviction. 

But anything is possible, right?

I have hope. I have love. I have faith.     

I learned a lot while working for the National Football League, and believe I played an important role in honoring and fulfilling the NFL’s mission under Roger Goodell’s leadership since he became the Commissioner in 2006. This is true under all considerable circumstances, including here and now. And I believe my personal experiences can inform and prepare those facing psychological dramas that a life of personal adversity entails.

“A wise person can live through another’s experiences.”