Mother’s Day 2020

Hi Mothers,

Today we celebrate Mother’s Day in 2020. I am so proud of the woman who is raising my children, to the woman who raised me and those nurturers who believe in me. Many mothers show us love, strength and resilience.

May this message reach you while feeling well and in good spirits, and lifts you to higher clouds of loving feelings. 

Missy, Destiny and Brooklyn
My mother, Sonia

As I think about what Mother’s Day means to me, and the personal understanding of what mothering is decided on generally by people, I’m compelled to take into consideration what I’m going through right now. 

Mothers have, at different points in my lifetime, reciprocated love, appreciation, support and encouragement. 

I love you and thank you.

Thank you for helping me to personally understand my importance to you.

Thank you for treating my children as your own. Your love helps us.

I know in my heart I’m not the only one who feels this way about you.

While I can mostly speak for myself, I also speak on behalf of those who share my sentiment and who, at times (and like me), have been shy, distracted or too traumatized to share how we feel about you. Those of us unable to express it to you positively, frequently and personally. 

I hope you let today’s appreciation of you go fully noticed and always remembered. 

Thank you Missy, mom to all my moms and mothers who press forward, who nurture and inspire with love, courage and faith. Mother’s Day looks different this year.

Stay safe and strong. You are loved. You are special to me.

I love you and thank you for expressing what familial love is.

Happy Mother’s Day!