The Burning Hand

I have this childhood memory of my right hand being forcibly held to our stove. I can hear the ticking of the pilot about to ignite. I recall the sound of its first breath to life. It hissed after me, drawing attention to its beautiful blue flame. It was alive. That fire burned me.

The bandaid was tiny

Sandor Clegane, aka the Hound in Game of Thrones, was terrified of fire. His face was forever marked by the burns. It was the result of a childhood experience with his brother.

He’s regarded as one of the fiercest and strongest fighters in the storyline’s Seven Kingdoms.

Pain is an effective teacher.

Someone used their hand to stir thought and emotions at a party…

They placed their right hand over the flame of a well lit candle.

And kept it there. Straight-faced.

They held it over the flame while their flesh appeared to burn.

It was mesmerizing.

Someone broke the silence, “What’s the trick?”

“The trick is not minding,” they answered.

Some people turned away.

Others took it seriously.

Plenty were confused.

Pain is personal.

We fear what we know not.

We can feel differently about the same thing.

The Croods family had mixed feelings about fire.

Live courageously.

Fire is not a gentle master.

You don’t forget your burdens; you won’t forget your burns. Live your life from lessons learned.

So I ask myself, “Self, is there a moral here? What’s your inner fire?”

It has to do with the National Football League.

What’s your inner fire?