I’ve been asked and so will try to define a today-dreamer.

A today-dreamer realizes that in order to be capable of happiness, one must change.

A today-dreamer realizes that change begins personally.

A today-dreamer believes change can start right now, because a today-dreamer remembers life.

The acts of today-dreaming begins inside one’s self, although someone (or some event) can bring it to you. If you can see it.

A today-dreamer can see opportunity in circumstances based on remembering, self-observations and intuition.

Have good aims.

A today-dreamer is not a daydreamer, per se, unless it means logical thoughts and actions that move toward mutual benefit; thoughts and actions that move toward your desires and aims.

There is an in-between state that allows for higher consciousness. This is where a today-dreamer thinks from, tries to operate from… From here it pays to control its reigns.

Some-times I feel passionately empowered thinking as a today-dreamer.

Take a moment to deliberately dream about Today.

Try it and share what it’s like.