You Knew More About It Than Anyone

Photo by Isabella Mariana

You shared it and acted from my side. Then I could tell you turned on me, however I wasn’t in a position of understanding.

I did not understand the how or the why of what I was going through at that time. I felt alone and scared. Terrified. I shed tears in front of you.

Trust the process

I trusted you.

You took advantage.

Then they did too. All while I was in a most vulnerable state. That made things worse. I effectively communicated that.

You know who I am responsible for. And why this affected me so much. I shared with you what I was most scared of.

Then you shared it and enabled them to use it against me. It was an act of pretending to be on my side.

Later, birthday wishes. You obviously felt something, because you eluded to it being out of your control.

Silence is participation

I’m not over it.

You participated in ignoring fair promise and betrayed people who believed in you.

I see you. I see through you.

Our goal is rectification.

Trust this process